Dongguan Laili Hoisting and Lifting Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, with a registered capital of 35,968,800. It is a large-scale hoisting and transportation company with large tonnage of lifting equipment, strong comprehensive lifting capacity, novel business concepts and modern management methods in South China.

  • Innovative development

    Background-Our company is headquartered in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, and the registered capital is 35,968,800.

    Business-Our company is a modern construction enterprise committed to equipment installation, heavy-duty special lifting equipment leasing and unit installation and machine tool lifting special equipment leasing.

  • Customer supreme

    Service- We adhere to the concept:Customer First, Service Foremost.

    Reputation-It has established a good reputation among customers with rich engineering construction experience, excellent technology, timely and thoughtful service.

  • Pursue top-grade quality

    Efficient-all the operators have rich technical experience and efficient cooperation saves you time and cost.

    Safe-the equipment will be updated or eliminated every three years, ensuring the safe and smooth completion of the project.

  • Gain recognition with strength

    Equipment-We have truck-mounted cranes with the largest tonnage in the country.

    Project- -We have an excellent lifting and installation team, and have completed many equipment relocation projects in the Pearl River Delta, Fujian Province, as well as the equipment installation of automobile plants.

  • Experienced professionals

    All the operators have rich actual combat experience.

  • Advanced equipment

    We have the largest tonnage mobile cranes in China.

  • Excellent team

    Our team has passed a long run-in, high degree of cooperation.

  • Wide coverage

    The service scope extends throughout South China.

  • Various schemes

    We can predict emergencies and make a relative implementation plan.

  • High-quality service

    Meeting our customer needs as much as possible is our service attitude.







Frequently Asked Questions

  • The relocation of heavy machinery and equipment in the factory is especially common, the factory relocation naturally needs to carry these machinery and equipment, so how can we protect the machinery and equipment from damage in the handling process?

  • Step1 Preparation before handling There are two steps to be done in the preparation process. The first is the safety of personnel and equipment. Factory equipment is generally relatively heavy, in the process of relocation, we need to use a variety of handling tools, such as mobile forklift, hydraulic forklift, forklift, crane, lifting platform, tank wheel, handling air cushion and other professional tools to shift and locate the equipment.

  • Large equipment can be vacuum-packed. Our company specializes in triple super equipment handling, packaging, packaging, transportation and installation one-stop service. We have a high range of packaging services, and are good in precision equipment fumigation wood box packaging, export inspection wood box packaging, shock proof and moisture proof rust wood box packaging, vacuum packaging, iron box packaging, mechanical packaging.

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