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Notes During the Construction Process

2021-11-07 16:35 244

What matters should we pay attention to in the process of construction?

1, Do the inspection and maintenance before the operation. Before the crane operation, the vehicle shall be inspected and prepared according to the operation instructions, then start the engine, check various instruments under neutral conditions, check whether there are overhead power lines or obstacles within the operation scope, and before the operation preparation is confirmed.

2, Open the crane mechanism for no-load operation, operate each control system, check whether the operation and operation of the mechanism are normal, whether the lifting mechanism brake is safe and reliable, and adjust if necessary.For hydraulic cranes, for hydraulic cranes, to connect the oil pump and the power output shaft, idle preheating of hydraulic oil, so that the oil temperature meets the prescribed requirements, to ensure the smooth oil of the hydraulic system.

3, After the telescopic arm frame of the crane is extended, the extended length of each arm frame shall be checked in the synchronous expansion mechanism to ensure that the stress energy is equally distributed on each arm frame. The telescopic frame shall be slow. Under load, the telescopic arm frame shall be generally prohibited. The elevation of the crane arm frame shall not exceed the value specified in the instruction.

4, Inspection and adjustment after material lifting.When lifting the lifting rated load with the car, stop lifting at the height of 200-300mm from the ground, and check whether the cargo center of mass position, sling binding, partial load, brake performance, machine stability, deformation of arm rack, and leg pressure are normal and reliable.The rise can be continued after confirmation. If the deviation of the goods, suspicious rope binding, skid rope binding, brake sliding hook, leg support ground subsidence and abnormal tilt, the load should be adjusted in time to avoid hidden accidents.

5, Operation order of the legs of the crane.The crane is not allowed to support the legs. When extending the legs, you can operate in the order of extending the legs, and then extend the forelegs, shrink the forelegs and support the legs.

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