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What is the handling step of the equipment?

2021-11-07 16:36 179

  Step1  Preparation before handling

  There are two steps to be done in the preparation process.

  The first is the safety of personnel and equipment. Factory equipment is generally relatively heavy, in the process of relocation, we need to use a variety of handling tools, such as mobile forklift, hydraulic forklift, forklift, crane, lifting platform, tank wheel, handling air cushion and other professional tools to shift and locate the equipment. Generally speaking, the powerful equipment handling company, is generally equipped with these tools, and these employees of the handling company have been through strict safety training and assessment, issued after the post certificate to work. In the choice of the handling company, therefore, a powerful equipment handling company not only can ensure the equipment and personnel safety, but also they are generally experienced.

  The second is the customization of the equipment relocation scheme. In the relocation of factory equipment, the equipment and other sundries generally involve more, and the relocation plan should be determined before the relocation. The relocation plan is to be customized for the factory from multiple dimensions including the equipment packaging before the relocation, the ground protection measures, the relocation order of the equipment, the estimated relocation time, and combined with the site situation in the factory.

  By following the above two points, the relocation of the factory equipment has basically been completed more than half, the rest as long as the handling company construction to arrange personnel to connect with them.

  Step2  The handling process 

  The first point is to dismantle the machinery and equipment.

  Equipment disassembly shall follow the basic principles and correct operation methods: Firstly, equipped with complete professional disassembly tools, operators must work with certificates, and equipment disassembly shall be carried out by a special disassembly personnel. Secondly, before the equipment disassembly operation, we should fully understand the operation principle of the equipment and the disassembly method of the equipment internal structure, and understand the operation steps of the machine procedures. 

  The second point is hoisting.

  The following two points should be paid attention to the equipment hoisting. First, the Company shall conduct a comprehensive comprehensive evaluation of the ground pressure bearing capacity, lifting position, lifting height and lifting environment of the equipment lifting site to ensure the safety of the lifting operation. Second, the company should formulate the safe, reliable, scientific and reasonable lifting plan according to the lifting equipment weight, relevant size information and equipment precision.

  The third point is handling.

  There are two precautions for equipment handling. Firstly, on the site, understand the size information, weight, precision and equipment value of the handling equipment, and formulate a scientific and reasonable handling plan according to the characteristics of the equipment. Secondly, understand the route of equipment handling. If company needs to apply protective measures to the scene in the handling process, the corresponding protection measures should be selected according to the characteristics of the equipment and the ground. The general ground protection measures include: steel plate, plywood, protective film, air cushion handling, etc.

  The fourth point is packaging.

  General is wooden box packaging or export vacuum packaging, there are rain-proof packaging, dust-proof packaging, mildew-proof packaging, earthquake-proof packaging, anti-rust packaging, moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging.

 The last point is transportion. transport equipment to another place, unloading, dismantling and packaging, handling, lifting, installation, connecting water and electricity, commissioning, starting production, completion and acceptance.