Frequently Asked Questions

Can a large equipment make a vacuum package?

2021-11-07 16:37 180

  Large equipment can be vacuum-packed.

  Our company specializes in triple super equipment handling, packaging, packaging, transportation and installation one-stop service. We have a high range of packaging  services, and are good in precision equipment fumigation wood box packaging, export inspection wood box packaging, shock proof and moisture proof rust wood box packaging, vacuum packaging, iron box packaging, mechanical packaging.

  Next, two main packaging methods are introduced: wood box packaging and vacuum packaging.

  Wooden box packaging, standard known as sliding wooden box packaging, is a kind of packaging as a protective container. Our company's wood box packaging generally specifically refers to the equipment wood box packaging, generally including closed wood box, flower lattice box two categories, the main materials are solid wood, joinery board, plywood, parpboard, etc.

  Vacuum packaging is anti-rust and moisture-proof packaging packaging, as the name implies, is to let our internal goods, to achieve rust and moisture-proof conditions protection. In order to achieve this packaging requirements, our company through years of experience accumulation, export customer feedback, we have serious thinking and improvement through feedback, ordinary, simple operation can not reach the safety of the goods, so we do not only do simple protection, this is a rigorous work. General customers consult us, we will ask customers some questions, such as whether transportation is shipping or air, whether shipping or bulk cargo, because these are the key to the success or failure of packaging. The details of the packaging will be determined in the communication, and then indicated in the quotation.